Whole Food, Plant-Based, Vegan Diet: New Eating Habits

Tips For A Way To Better Health: Whole-food, Vegan, Plant-Based Diet

I writing and posting this with some apprehension.  First, I’m learning so much about the right kind of food to eat. This goes against just about everything I was taught.  I guess another thing important for all of us is this: food is not what it used to be when I was a kid or my parents, grand parents or yours either.

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Second is the fact that it is hard to change the status quo.  Try to change anything and you will find resistance, justified or not.  So suggesting to changing ones’ eating habits is very taboo even it there are proven health benefits.

For many, many years I tried to eat right and had an open mind about food.  I knew some food was better for you.  And of course some food was not good for you.  But I was not a picky eater, I liked just about everything so making a change was easy when I found out some very important information regarding the foods we eat and ones health!  So here goes.

While visiting relatives this past Thanksgiving (2018) we had many conversations centered around various health issues including heart attack, lung cancer, diabetes, Lupus, and MS, because honestly that’s what was going on in the lives of some of our family members.  Plus there was lots and lots of food around to give us comfort during our conversations. (smile)

We were really challenged to start making some other changes in our diet, more so than we already do. So this is our journey also and our choice. This is what we found out.

One of several Drs looking after the patient who had the heart attack, reportedly asked if he wanted to get well and live a healthy life. The Dr then handed him a prescription from a Prescription For Life: A Plant-Based Diet pad. On it was prescribed to watch the video “How Not To Die” on YouTube. It was very interesting, informative & educational! Also recommended was “Forks Over Knives”, which is on Netflix. While searching we also found and watched “What the Health” on YouTube. These are all documentaries & extremely educational.  We have since found this link that confirms that other Drs are making the same recommendations: Change Your Diet! Change Your Health!

The videos talk about people getting off insulin, losing significant weight in many cases, along with reversing heart disease and many other health issues. They are all amazing!There were many reasons given to seriously check out a Plant-Based diet.

I’m writing this because many people we know want to lose weight but just haven’t found the way to get permanent results. And have better health.

We started on this journey of getting rid of all the harsh, toxic chemicals from our home, our bathroom, laundry room and all the cleaning supplies under our counters by using Young Living Essential Oils and other oil infused products, which also got me off statin drugs & helps tremendously with my knees. We use the oils every day. Diffusing them is a terrific way to freshen up a room and it’s safe and healthy.  Now we will get rid of the processed foods and other “foods” that are honestly not healthy and even cause health issues.

Now we also enjoy Einkorn flour and Einkorn berries, a breakfast cereal and a few different kinds of pasta, all from Young Living. I’ve written an article about Einkorn wheat and the hybridized wheat you find in most processed foods and pastas, incredible!

I believe that if I would have been following this plant-Based diet several years ago I would not have had prostate cancer and the radiation which followed and complications! That is very disturbing since I know so many others will someday have the same problem or other health related issues because of the standard American diet! And the predictions we’re hearing about the increase of diabetes and obesity in our society and the health cost ramifications are staggering!

But again I realize that many people will ignore the warnings, will not watch a single video or change anything else which could improve one’s health. Unfortunately our society has made it so easy, cheap and convenient to eat really bad food! Plus it would really help their finances because of having to pay less in medical costs, whether it’s trips to the Dr or medications.

As far as  cost of health goes, if people would get on the plant-based diet the savings to the health care system would be astronomical!

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