In September/October 2018 a very close relative of mine had a heart attack. In his 50’s, overweight and eating a standard American diet his prognosis was really not too bad, with his age and activity level being in his favor.

However, after further examination the doctors discovered he had lung cancer and soon thereafter had lung surgery removing the top part of one lung. Yes he had been a smoker. He was told the surgery was successful having removed all the cancer and was sent home with an “I’ll see you in six months” from the doctors.

Also during this time his blood tests revealed that he had diabetes and that it was way out of control, extremely so.

So one of his doctors asked him a simple question. “Do you want to live?”

How would you respond to a question like that? Unfortunately, for most people until they face the same type of health scare they are not willing to change something as simple as their diet. Or to make only modest changes. Here’s what a doctor said, A lot of people don’t realize the benefits of lifestyle change until they’ve had their first heart attack or they’ve been diagnosed with cancer.” So, what will it take for you to change the direction of your health?

I’m writing this for information purposes only, as I cannot treat, diagnosis, prescribe anything.

This is a resource page with links to help you see and understand with this question: “What if disease reversal and prevention could be accomplished simply by changing what you eat?” Hippocrates (470 BC-360 BC) said this, “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”