Plant Based Portabello Steaks With Lemon Basil Aioli

The plant-based diet focuses on eating whole, plant-based ingredients.  You stop eating animal products like meat, cheese, dairy products, eggs, etc., the plant-based diet focuses on eating plant-based items like veggies, legumes, fruits, healthy non-animal fats and whole grains.

One common misconception about eating a plant-based diet plan is that you will lack protein.  Surprisingly, plant-based protein sources like quinoa, kale, and chia have high amounts of plant-based protein.

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Another thing to be mindful of if you are considering a plant-based diet is to look for things that are actually plant-based!  For example, you may think that pasta is an OK option since it doesn’t contain animal proteins.  Nope!

Grains can be tricky so look for plant-based pastas like those made from spelt, whole wheat, quinoa, or lentils.  As I learn more about the plant-based diet I am focusing on gluten-free items as well.  What works for you has to be a personal choice but I love the benefits!

Thanks to Sarah over at Making Thyme For Health

Portobello Steaks with Pesto Aioli


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