Tips for Longevity And Increasing Life Expectancy

Tips for Longevity, Healthy Living and Increasing Life Expectancy*

Seniors Living a Healthy Full LifeI’m curious. Is good health and longevity of interest to you? Does living a healthy life to old age, say 100, even possible anywhere on earth? The emphasis should be on healthy and active. Yes, it is! Did you know some cultures live healthy lives up to 100 years old and some even to 120? So is it really possible to live a healthy life and live past the average life expectancy? YES!

The Georgian people in the Caucasus region, in Inner-Mongolia in the Ningxia Province in China, the Hunzakut people in Northern Pakistan, the people of Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador, the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Talish Mountains region in Eurasia, and the Tarahumara natives of Copper Canyon in the southern state of Chihuahua, Mexico, all practiced fasting on a regular basis and lived to be over 120 years of age.

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Fortunately for us there was a common denominator in all these different groups of people. It is this: because they lived a very active lifestyle and ate a mineral-rich diet, exceptionally high in antioxidant foods such as wolfberries and apricots. In particular, it was found that Chinese wolfberries and the potassium-rich apricots of Hunzaland were two foods routinely consumed by people in the regions reaching 110 and 120 years of age.

It seems that fasting played a major part in reaching the age of 100 and beyond. Fasting  allows the body to slow down the secretion of digestive enzymes, thereby permitting an increase in metabolic enzymes that help the body to repair and revitalize tissue that has been damaged or destroyed. Fasting, with time, enables the body to rebuild and spurs an increase in human growth hormone, which impedes premature aging.

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Unfortunately in our modern western diet devitalized and enzyme-deficient foods deplete our enzyme reserves and overly stress the organs and the body’s physical processes. As enzymes continue to decrease, the body’s resistance to degenerative disease also decreases. Fasting would benefit all of us.

There is ample evidence which indicates that foods high in magnesium and potassium have anti-aging properties. It also shows that there is a correlation between these foods and those with high antioxidant properties. Foods such as wolfberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and spinach can dramatically increase glutathione  levels and actually reverse the signs of aging.

Here is another interesting fact about the Hunzakuts of the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan. They have a limited caloric intake. No buffets there you can bet. As a matter of fact, there is a near absence of degenerative disease. You should read that again!

The diet of the Hunza people shows that it is high in potassium and low in sodium. Their diet consists mainly of apricots, barley, millet and buckwheat plus their mineral rich water, which is rated at a pH of 8.5 and they limit their food intake.

There is a reason for limiting caloric intake. Because their land provides just enough food to cover their basic caloric needs, the Hunzakuts rarely indulge in overeating. They annually endured near-fasting conditions for several weeks each spring, a time when the previous year’s food supply was depleted and the current year’s harvest had not bet begun. That has changed somewhat since the construction of the Karakoram Highway.

Now it appears with the advancement of processed and prepackaged food that it has infiltrated every country in the world. Here’s what happens. The use of synthetic and nature-identical chemicals in the industries of food, body care products, cosmetics, perfumes, household cleaners, drugs, and over-the-counter medicines have gradually brought a decline in health and longevity. Now nearly every aspect of our lives is contaminated through the food we put in our bodies, the creams and lotions we put on our bodies, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

We eat fast foods, pop a TV dinner in the microwave or toss a pizza in the oven, we open cans of veggies and fruits, eat sugar and chemically colored and preserved desserts not realizing that all these “foods” are devoid of any nutritional substance. Is it any wonder why a majority of people are obese, feel awful, have no energy and are just plain sick?

I assure you that you know someone who is suffering from a disease, sickness or toxic poisoning brought on by the chemicals that we come in contact with daily. Don’t let it happen to you or your loved ones if it can be avoided and it can be. You would not believe the illnesses, diseases and health issues that could be avoided and eliminated if we would just take the time to educate ourselves and protect our children in the process.

Correct information is the key, and we can all get involved. We need to help people become educated, so they can change their habits before it’s too late. I enjoy life and hope to live a long time and yes I’m doing something about it on a daily basis.

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