Tips For You: How About A Miracle Morning Today!

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Want a miracle morning today, here are some things to help you get started. First thing begin your day with a devotion time.  Be grateful for all you have. Did you know that over the work week women spend nearly two hours more than men getting ready?

  1. Prepare your to-do list for tomorrow. Do it the evening before. You may sleep better.
  2. Get your clothes, bags, shoes and keys in the place you’ll remember. Looking for misplaced keys in the morning is a time waster.
  3. Fix your lunch and save over $1000 for the year!
  4. Go to bed the same time every night. A routine is better to help you wake up refreshed and focused.
  5. Don’t hit the snooze or you’ll wake up more groggy than when you first woke up.
  6. Do a few stretches, sit-ups, squats, etc. You’ll be more refreshed and alert when you get the blood pumping.
  7. Open the curtains and let the sun shine in. It will help you wake up.
  8. Brush your teeth and drink a glass of cold water. It will help boost your metabolism.
  9. Stay off the phone, computer and TV. Unless it’s a must otherwise it will eat up your time.
  10. Have a quick nutritious health breakfast food. A protein shake, granola, Greek yogurt or some fruit will give you a quick start on your day.
  11. For the women it would help to keep your beauty care products down to just the essentials. What is the minimum you can do to speed things up? Put your plan together the night before.
  12. Leave on time, don’t delay and plan to leave earlier if the weather is a problem.

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