Here’s An Update For Our Eating Whole Food, Plant-Based Foods

We began this journey of trying to eat more healthy after we returned home from visiting our family over Thanksgiving 2018.

Many of the foods we’ve eaten before were healthy but they were included in  what we understand now as the standard American Diet (SAD),  however,  we now eat a greater variety of whole food, plant-based.  We have not totally eliminated the oils from our diet but we are eating less and we are looking for more ways of either decreasing the amount we use or prepare something a little differently and still enjoy what we’re eating.

We were fortunate that we ran out of eggs before we got back home and we now eat no dairy, cheese (that was a challenge), meat & seafood.

We use as a guide Dr. Michael Greger’s  “Daily Dozen” as found in his book, “How Not To Die”.   We also watched the video “How Not To Die” on YouTube .  There are some others we have watched like “What The Health” and “Forks Over Knives”.

I think except for olive oil & sometimes coconut oil we are close to being all whole food, plant based in our eating.  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s, Jr says, “no more oil”, but we are not there yet, hopefully someday.

We have also discovered some new ways of preparing food that we have in our cupboards like roasting garbanzo beans in the above picture, and  making hummus plus a couple other things we’ve added.  We’ve taken pictures and written down all the delicious recipes we have discovered and the adjustments we’ve made.

We certainly welcome any tips you may have experienced as I believe this is a journey to better health.  As I’ve mentioned before I take no medication, blood pressure is good, cholesterol is good & A1C is very good.  Another bonus when comparing my weight to December, 2017 with my weight this December, 2018 and I’m down 13 pounds!   Plus we’ve been able to get the harsh, toxic chemicals out of our home!

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