Advice From Some Doctors-Your Health

The information written in this article is what my relative received from his doctor when asked, “Do you want to live?” Fortunately for him he took the advice, changed his diet to an evidence-based whole food, plant-based diet and in the process lost 46 pounds. Will it work for you? Change to a whole food, plant-based diet and find out for yourself. Your health and your family will thank you.

Let me add this. When I was 21, I had a blood test indicating that my blood sugar was slightly raised. At that time my doctors told me if I changed my diet and watched what I ate I would NEVER have diabetes.

Consequently, I was placed on a 1200 calorie diet. In a month my blood test showed normal blood sugar with no hint of diabetes. Through the years watching what I ate I have normal blood sugar and an excellent A1C.

Besides that I take no medication for anything, follow the whole food, plant-based diet omitting meat, chicken, fish, dairy, cheese and eggs. We are slowly and gradually eliminating all oil from our diet. And for your information diabetes and heart disease runs in our family.

Here is a very short video about the “Healthiest Diet In The World.” It is evidence- based and will list for you 10-12 different illnesses that can be reversed or eliminated. Who would not take 10-12 minutes of their time to get an idea on what diet is healthy and what is not?

This is not a diet but a lifestyle. It’s also called “lifestyle medicine.” Add some exercise and see for yourself what healthier choices can do for your health all based on ample evidence.

In this video you will see and hear Dr. Michael Greger, author of the best selling book, How Not To Die.  He discusses the role of diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing our top 15 Killers.

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